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Dr Lynette Steele – Senior Research Technician

Contact Information

Dr Lynette Steele
Senior Research Technician
Translational Neuro-oncology
Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
St.James’s University Hospital
Beckett Street

tel: +44 (0) 113 343 8513


I am a Senior Research Technician currently involved in investigating potential new therapeutic agents for the treatment of adult and paediatric glioblastoma. My background is in cancer cell biology with a particular interest in cell death and apoptotic pathways. My role involves administrative duties for Lab 6 WTBB including overseeing budgets and various health and safety duties. I am also PD for the Neuro-oncology arm of the Multidisciplinary Research Tissue Bank headed by Prof Roz Banks.



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