Brain Cancer @ Leeds

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Talk at British Neuro-Oncological Society (BNOS) annual meeting on Drug discovery, screening and molecular therapeutics by Dr Heiko Wurdak (Jun 2017)
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GW Pharmaceuticals Achieves Positive Results in Phase 2 Study in Glioma – Comments by Principal Investigator Professor Susan Short (Feb 2017)

Talk at the annual ‘Glioma Club’ meeting by Dr Lucy Stead on Inspecting Intratumour Heterogeneity in Glioblastoma (Oct 2016).
Meeting report available from:

Yorkshire evening post: Leeds study into viral therapy leading battle against brain cancer (Oct 2016)

Breast Cancer Now project grant for Dr Georgia Mavria, Prof Val Speirs and Dr Mihaela Lorger (Jun 2016)

How removing a protein slows blood vessel growth – Dr Georgia Mavria on angiogenesis in breast cancer brain metastases (Jun 2015)

Scientists discover protein that helps breast cancer access blood supply after spread to brain (Jun 2015)

Yorkshire charities join forces to fund cutting-edge brain tumour study

ITV news: Leeds scientists could lead cure for brain tumours (Jul 2014)

How a simple injection could help shrink a brain tumour – Prof Susan Short on Oncolytic viruses (Feb 2014)

BBC news: Virus injection could kill brain tumour cells (Feb 2014)

BBC radio 4: New ideas to treat brain tumours – Susan Short and Ed Jones discuss potential new treatments for brain tumours (Feb 2014)

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