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Dr Lucy Stead – Group Leader

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Contact Information

Dr Lucy Stead
UKRI Future Leaders Fellow
Leeds Institute of Medical Research
Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
St James’s University Hospital
LS9 7TF, Leeds
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 113 3438410
twitter: @LucyFStead


I am interested in investigating intratumour heterogeneity in GBM; specifically I wish to test whether treatment-resistant subclones emerge in recurrent tumours, and characterise them in clinically relevant ways in multiple patients. I am a trained computational biologist with expertise in next-generation sequencing data analysis.


Grants Awarded


Anna Golebiewska, Ann-Christin Hau, Anais Oudin, Daniel Stieber, Yahaya A. Yabo, Virginie Baus, Vanessa Barthelemy, Eliane Klein, Sebastien Bougnaud, Olivier Keunen, May Wantz, Alessandro Michelucci, Virginie Neirinckx, Arnaud Muller, Tony Kaoma, Petr V. Nazarov, Francisco Azuaje, Alfonso De Falco, Ben Flies, Lorraine Richart, Suresh Poovathingal, Thais Arns, Kamil Grzyb, Andreas Mock, Christel Herold-Mende, Anne Steino, Dennis Brown, Patrick May, Hrvoje Miletic, Tathiane M. Malta, Houtan Noushmehr, Yong-Jun Kwon, Winnie Jahn, Barbara Klink, Georgette Tanner, Lucy F. Stead, Michel Mittelbronn, Alexander Skupin, Frank Hertel, Rolf Bjerkvig, Simone P. Niclou (2020)
Primary and recurrent glioma patient-derived orthotopic xenografts (PDOX) represent relevant patient avatars for precision medicine

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EGFRvIII upregulates DNA mismatch repair resulting in increased temozolomide sensitivity of MGMT promoter methylated glioblastoma.
Oncogene [Pubmed]

Waleed S Al Amri, Lisa M Allinson, Diana E Baxter, Sandra M Bell, Andrew M. Hanby, Stacey J Jones, Abeer M Shaaban, Lucy F Stead, Eldo T Verghese and Thomas A Hughes (2020)
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Molecular Cancer Therapeutics [Pubmed]

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H. J. Close, L. F. Stead, J. Nsengimana, K. A. Reilly, A. Droop, H. Wurdak, R. K. Mathew, R. Corns, J. Newton‐Bishop, A. A. Melcher, S. C. Short, G. P. Cook and E. B. Wilson (2019)
Expression profiling of single cells and patient cohorts identifies multiple immunosuppressive pathways and an altered NK cell phenotype in glioblastoma
Clin Exp Immunol.Nov 30.

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Stead, L.F and Verhaak, R.G.W. (2019)
Doomed from the TERT? A Two-Stage Model of Tumorigenesis in IDH-Wild-Type Glioblastoma
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The GLASS Consortium members (2018)
Glioma Through the Looking GLASS: Molecular Evolution of Diffuse Gliomas and the Glioma Longitudinal AnalySiS Consortium
[Accepted Manuscript]

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PhD Studentship Opportunites

If you are interested in completing a PhD in Dr Stead’s group, please contact her directly. There are no funded studentships available at present but expressions of interest, or self-funded students, are always welcomed.


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